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Causeway Bay is a place full of adventure (for foods), especially a lot of private-kitchen concept. Last week, we were presented by Su Casa Chilean Oyster Bar. The taste of this private-kitchen restaurant was floating once I passed the normal entrance door. A very cozy and quiet environment was my first impression; spacious dining area with a lot of open-space design while smartly hiding the kitchen area; a simple dark color tone covered the whole space while being decorated by interesting orange-red and light brown chairs.
The oyster bar is featured by quality seafoods, of course, oyster is on the top of supplying. Like most private kitchens, reservation is required and as I see, the restaurant is really managing the coming guests to ensure the comfort & the quality of private dining concept.
Arousa (Spain), Mermaid (Fr), White Pearl (Fr), Gillardeau (Fr), 
 Scampi (South Africa)
Scampi (South Africa)
Crabe Tourteau (Fr)
The seafood platter is astonishing in its potion, selection and quality. Largely sourced from France, the oysters, scampi and crab are all beautiful. I liked the Mermaid andGilladeau than other two. The former one showed a two-layer taste (light sweet & creamy then salty in a stronger ending-taste) ; tasted complicated and full of mystery as the magical creative, mermaid. The latter one was only as personal preference by its strong flavor. Scampi, was just awesome and luckily we had one crystal-blue one. Very creamy and soft, melting in the mouth.
Seared US Asparagus & Bacon Rolls
Button Mushroom stuffed Chorizo Cutlet
Crispy Duck Foie Gras with Lime Sorbet
We had some small plates as well. To start from the non-seafood ones, they are Smoked Salmon, Bacon & Asparagus Rolls, Mushroom & Chorizo Cutlet and Duck Foie Gras. Among those I was quite in the button mushroom which was covered by deep fried flour; having an attractive fried-food aroma but tasted quite light, meanwhile the whole mushroom inside kept its juicy taste.
Oyster Soup with Fresh Oyster
Before continuing the seafood small plates, I have to highlight their oyster soup. The plain green soup was totally out of our expectation. It was slightly over-salty, but the oyster essential in the soup could just keep my judging mouth close! Very strong oyster flavor with the multi-layers of tasting, not creamy at all, but just everything about seafood, about sweet.
Apart from the awesome seafood platter, this soup is absolutely a must-try item!
Sauteed Mussel with White Wine Cream Sauce
Sauteed Clams with Basil White Wine Sauce
Compared to the mussels, the clams were cooked in a more creative and delicious way. It was lighter by taking out cream sauce; with a little bit garlic, herbs and chili, the dish was rich in clam’s original seafood flavor, while inspired a lot by spicy chili; the tongue was experiencing a wonderful journey.
Fresh Baked Black Truffle Pizza
Lobster Risotto with Seafood Broth
French Duck Foie Gras Linguini with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce
 Roasted Pork Rib with BBQ Sauce & French Fries
Roasted Pork Rib with BBQ Sauce & French Fries
Pizza is very simply but just featured by cheese and black truffle, while guiding by the saying, “simple is the best”, the thin pizza could not raise any negative comment from me. Risotto, was very delicious; the solid risotto was just prepared to the status I expected, and cooked to be with a decent level of lobster soup flavor. Linguini, was al-dent, perfect! but I was failed to handle the very-greasy taste given by the foie gras and cream sauce.
 Baked Alaska

I’m not a fan of Alaska (dessert) and to be honest, everytime I was just enjoying the photo-taking moment when it was on fire. This time, almost the same, quite enjoy the amazing presentation. There were three ice-cream balls hidden inside the ‘snow-mountain’, and ice-cream was probably the only part I would like to appreciate from this dessert as my personal preference


Su Casa Chilean Oyster Bar
2/F, 2 Sun Wui Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

+852 2805 7031
Mon to Sun. 6pm – 12mn

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